Bootstrap clips for Panic Coda 2


Coda is one of the best web development text editor, and my favorite: it has a nice interface, embedded FTP client, a mysql managment tab, a terminal and a lot of cool features.

One of these cool features is Clips creation.

Clips are reusable pieces of code, accessible with keyboard shortcuts. Coda is shipped with some clips, mainly html clips.

I always use twitter bootstrap for every project I start, mainly for its css grid.

Copying and pasting bootstrap component (navbar, columns, panels, etc…) is quite a pain and takes time.

So I have made a collection of bootstrap clips for Coda 2.x, downloadable on Github:

The cool thing here is that I use standard tabulation in every clips, and I am no longer spending time re-tabulate all the shitty bootstrap two-spaces indentation.

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