How to move WordPress from localhost to a server

If you are working on developing a WordPress website locally, one way or another you will want to put your entire website on a real server, for showing it to your client or to enable the website in « production mode ». It is an action you’ll have to run several times for each website you’re developing, but if you are like me, you’ve never (until today) create a « todo reusable list » which will greatly simplify this process.

To move wordpress from localhost to a server, just do these things:

  • Connect yourself to your local database (phpmyadmin) and export your local WordPress database.
  • On your server, connect yourself to your online database (phpmyadmin), and create a new database.
  • On your server’s phpmyadmin, upload your local WordPress database to the database you’ve created.
  • Take the entire WordPress local directory you are working on, and open wp-config.php (it is on the root of your local WordPress directory).
  • Edit MySQL settings to match the settings of your new online database (the one you’ve created on 2):



  • Upload the local WordPress Directory (with edited wp-config.php) to your server.
  • On your server’s phpmyadmin, on your new database, you will have to run a SQL command script to change all the old local url to your new online wordpress site. Just run the script below (SQL tab on phpmyadmin). You must change with your local WordPress url, and to your new online WordPress url. Don’t put any trailing slash at the end of url, and don’t edit anything but the url. The SQL command script:



  • Just chill out waiting for your customer to send you his review.
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