Upgrade munin from 1.4.x to 2.x on ubuntu server

Munin is a cool monitoring tool which is present by default on ubuntu server. The munin version present on ubuntu server is 1.4 : very outdated….

If you want to upgrade munin from v1.4 to v2, just follow these steps. (if you are asked for overwriting you munin conf file during install, respond no “N”).

Add python

Add munin backport PPA

Build munin dependencies and installation:

Configure munin

Munin doesn’t work with cron anymore. Instead, it works with cgi. Edit /etc/munin/munin.conf and update graph_strategy and html_strategy setting to cgi.

Enable munin plugins

Update apache conf (or your virtual hosts)

Restart apache

Now you have munin 2 working on your server!

Access to munin just like you used to do before : http://yourhost/munin

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